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Engadine is a hilly, leafy suburb 34 kilometres (about 45 minutes) by rail from the city of Sydney, Australia. It is the commercial hub of the southeastern edge of metropolitan Sydney. As such, it serves the excellent beach communities of the area -- including Stanwell Park, "the Palm Beach of the South" -- as well as its nextdoor neighbour -- the vast Royal National Park.

The history of its use and attractiveness as a destination for people escaping the bustle of inner-city life illustrates the uniqueness of the lifestyle offered by Engadine -- we call it resort living. People actually go on four-hour trips elsewhere to experience the environment routinely offered by Engadine to its residents! All this within a suburb well within Metro Sydney and adequately connected to city transport -- its own railway station, and no less than four feeder roads into one of Sydney's main arteries -- the Princes Highway.

The 2233 postcode is a huge area that encompasses the localities of Engadine itself, North Engadine, Woronora Heights, and Yarrawarrah. However, the area has traditionally been known simply as Engadine. It was named by its original owners, the McAllister Family, after their hometown in the Engadin Valley in Switzerland. It was originally used as grazing land before it was developed for residential use from the 1950's. Engadine was at the time also popular for camping and as picnic ground for inner-city daytrippers.

Within Engadine, trees are plentiful not just in the numerous reserves inside and surrounding the suburb but also along its streets and within the many excellent gardens of its residents. This leafiness can be noted when viewing the expanse of Engadine from its many elevated vantage points. Specially at its southern edge the view often extends through the Sydney basin all the way to the Central Business District.

Preston Avenue, Engadine A typical tree-lined Engadine street

Notable amongst its natural landmarks are "The Needles", the "Blue Lagoon", and the Engadine Wetlands.

Amongst the many parks in Engadine, Cooper Street Reserve is renowned in the Sutherland Shire for its large paved biking and walking loop path, picnic facilities, modern childrens' playground, and sprawling lawn for family activities.


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